About IoTAh™

IoTAh™ is an affordable, cloud-based forklift truck monitoring and data logging device for SCT’s Smart Rebates verification and auditing. IoTAh™ automatically tracks and logs true Amp-Hour usage of forklift trucks thus providing an audit trail of actual forklift truck usage at client facilities. The unit is equipped with wireless communication for remote monitoring and configuration and integrates with SCT’s SmartRebates cloud application.

  • Provides detailed logs of truck usage (Amp-Hours) and utilization
  • Provides detailed logs and reports of motive power equipment utilization at any site
  • Provides auditing & verification records for SCT’s SmartRebates LCFS program
  • Integrates with SmartRebates cloud application


  • Automatic logging or true Amp-Hour usage
  • Wireless / Remote monitoring and configuration
  • Mobile device installation and configuration
  • Integration with SmartRebates cloud app for automated data collection and reporting
  • Advanced truck data analytics & reports
  • iOS & Android Compatible


  • Logs & stores all truck operational data: in-use and idle cycles, shift and daily usage data, in-use Ahrs, kWhrs, EBUs
  • Web-browser based cloud configuration and monitoring
  • Real-time and historical logs of truck utilization
  • Truck usage reports and charts
  • Site motive equipment use and utilization reports
Nominal Battery Voltage12V – 80V
Operating Voltage12V – 110V
Operating Temperature-25C – 60C
Current SensorHall Effect
Voltage Resolution+/- 30mV
Current Sense Resolution+/- 1A minimum
Communication InterfaceWi-Fi
Mechanical4.9" x 2.18" x 0.85"

IoTAh Cloud Connectivity

Cloud App