Coming (2022)

IoTEmeter is a three-phase IoT power and energy meter designed to meet the needs of industrial applications. The IoTEmeter is powered from the AC line and can measure the three-phase AC power with input voltages ranging from 208 – 480VAC with currents up to 200A. In addition, the IoTEmeter incorporates a DC measurement channel for measuring the DC power (voltage and current) of industrial battery chargers thus allowing the device automatically to log and calculate the efficiency and cycle efficiencies for CEC certification. Equipped with WiFi connectivity, all measured data is automatically uploaded to a custom cloud application where detailed reports and analytics are easily generated and displayed.


  • First integrated three phase IoT power metering unit with simultaneous AC and DC measurements
  • Easily configurable through mobile and cloud application
  • Cloud integrated for centralized data storage, remote configurations and firmware updates


  • Integrated three phase AC and DC measurements
  • High accuracy, better than 1% (0.2% - 0.5%)
  • WiFi connectivity with remote configuration and automatic data uploads
  • Remote cloud programming and firmware updates
  • AC line powered with integrated battery backup


  • Measures, stores, and analyzes three phase electrical power consumption
  • Measured DC voltage, current, and power of industrial battery chargers
  • WiFi connectivity with remote configuration and automatic data uploads
  • Configurable for 3-phase 3-wire and 4-wire AC power systems
  • Remote cloud programming and firmware updates
AC Voltage Measurements208/380/480VAC 3-phase, 3-Wire & 4-Wire
AC Current Measurements50A/100A/200A Clamp-On CTs
DC Voltage Measurement24V - 96V DC
DC Current Measurement500A Hall Effect Current Sense
AccuracyBetter than 0.5%
Battery Backup15 min for connectivity / data upload
External Power12VDC (adapter)
Size6” x 3.75” x 1.25”